There is an indescribable force that connects us, motivating us towards relationships, ideas, and commitments. When I look back upon my life, it seems to be the same power that drives evolution, since seemingly chance encounters have guided the path that I walk.

As humans, we are entering a new age – as I write this, a black man has just been elected the president of this racist nation. Headlines are filled with tidings of economic peril. We risk our survival on this planet by our continued destructive and consumptive habits.

At the same time, many individuals I see are weak. They seem like lost souls, wandering alone on crowded platforms in self-encased bubbles of headphones and laptops, always avoiding contact (with themselves or others). I serve them food and drink, and gently try to nudge them from their lives of quiet drudgery.

Many people have observed the disconnection of modern society from the world that sustains us. Most people aren’t growing or preparing their own food. We spend most of our time within climate-controlled insulated spaces, even while we’re in motion. It would seem that our collective thoughts are consumed with acquisition, competition and accomplishment. We work so hard to distinguish ourselves as individuals, rather than working towards the common good.

There are many exceptions to this, and speaking in generalizations always begs for contradictions. There have been movements and organizations in place for decades that serve the lowest of the low humbly and with little reward.

A blog is a new medium of expression and interaction, a way of instantaneous publication and communication that hasn’t existed in the past. I’m interested in participating in the evolution of humanity, and my role seems to be as an observer and storyteller.

The stories here are my own, and based on my experience. I believe that the highest objective truths that we can attain are incredibly subjective. Dream, meditative, and hallucinogenic journeys have helped to form the perspectives of some of the world’s best thinkers, and they are the most exclusive of experiences. No one can share our most inner thoughts, but the greatest art is so personal that it becomes universal.

Besides, it’s all bullshit anyway.