Right now I’m in a space in my life where I have time to process. I really love that. There’s so many people rushing around leading unquestionably busy lives, but most haven’t really dug deeply enough to figure out why. After spending years and years asking myself “why [this job, this house, this city, this country, this relationship]”, I’ve really seen how much I enjoy asking questions that start with why. Once you start processing, it’s hard to stop.

“Aristotle took experience as the as yet unorganized product of sense perception and memory”, says Teddy Ward in an article on empiricism, which he defines later as “the theory that all knowledge stems from sense experience and internal mental experience – such as emotions and self-reflection.”

Contemplation, processing, self-reflection… all fancy-talk for daydreaming, cloud-gazing, and nothin better to do.

Like Nina Simone says, I got life…