Tiffy Elston to aaron

subject: Dude, we have to talk!

12:41 AM (12 hours ago)

ok. this is big. you know how we’ve talked about building sustainable orphanage? it’s on, now.

check out this article: http://www.newgeography.com/content/001171-detroit-urban-laboratory-and-new-american-frontier

so yeah, it’s detroit, but it’s perfect. there’s a story in there about how this couple bought a house for $1900, yes nineteen hundred dollars, flat out. and they have pictures of all the open space amidst the buildings, and talk about how the non-existence of the government is a good thing (in the case of altruistic endeavors) as all of the petty regulations regarding things like urban farming can simply just be done.

you and i could put together a fantastic grant proposal, raise enough funds to buy a city block with several structurally intact buildings, and start this shit. we get money from foundations and other sources to renovate the buildings green, build greenhouses, we pay local folks without a job to do the construction and get the farm up and running, and then we start small with 25 kids or so. the farm goods will support not only the orphanage but will go back into the community, and we can grow bigger (thinking vertical urban farming) and sell the excess produce and goods to nearby metropolitan areas who want year round local food, essentially making us a self-sufficient operation. we get visionary thinkers and designers to donate their time and resources to get things like living machines included to be a showcase for urban ecology. We also involve big organizations, leverage connections, and go big with this. if we got enough land, we could even start business incubators, providing really cheap rent for people to develop viable green businesses/ manufacturing operations.

this could be HUGE. we need to talk, call me!

love you!