I left you a message, but I wanted to get a bunch of thoughts out now as a way to document and share them.

Tiffany sent me an email last night that I’ll forward you. She and I have long shared a vision of the way in which we’ll enter the child-raising years of our life, on a small-scale community basis involving foster children, the elderly, the formerly homeless, families, and individuals. There are a lot of people doing this, and like all of them we share the goals of micro and macro sustainability.

After reading her email, thinking about it, and talking to her, we discussed the importance of incubation. Having a master’s in sustainable urban planning would only enhance the many assets that she’ll bring to this project, and there is certainly a need for great amounts of research, communication, and synthesis in the generation of a viable plan for something of this scale. There’s an incredible amount of detail that can go into this, and a lot of factors to consider and information to digest.

One of the factors that continues to be really important to me is my own personal ability to engage on a larger-scale level, and not just on the small-scale projects. I don’t want to be pulled down to the tribal levels that small groups are reduced to functioning at, as so often happens with engagement on really comprehensive micro-projects, like starting a business or being involved in a real estate development.

As I was discussing this with her, I was thinking about the conversations about the integration of the individual, small-group, and collective conscious levels of development and evolution that you and I have had. I would like to research Detroit – I really want to know about their real estate situation there, and to understand how the real estate works there. At this point, my mind is trained to observe the real estate phenomenons that take place throughout the world, and I know I could bring a tremendous amount of knowledge to their table.

I called my blog Visions of Green because I realized that what I do is to bring about the voice of the vision – I can describe the future, and help people to see the steps that must be taken to achieve it. I wanted to participate in telling the story of how multiple levels of development intersect, but I have been searching for a focal point. I realize now that what I needed was a concept that was so large that it could only be held collectively – something that is bigger than me. That’s the point of the internet, of course – a way to simultaneously project and share our thoughts with the masses. In fact, I’m just going to post this onto my blog after I send it to you, because I might as well put it out there.

This will be the vision of the Superhero Action Project – a way to catalyze these multiple development projects through the creative and collaborative processes. What you and I can do is to utilize the existing technological resources that exist to pull together people around the whole world who are interested in donating their time and thought to making Detroit a model of sustainability, simply because it is a good thing to do. There is a movement that can be joined together by putting this thing together well, and helping to create an online arena as a place to synthesize thought around it.

You and I can work to create workshops that people in Detroit can facilitate, and to give people the tools to lead them and share them. I watched MoveOn’s campaign from the inside in Chicago, and I know some folks who were early in Barak’s campaign to join the Senate back in the day. Come to think of it, people can have Detroit parties all around the country, and share what happens from asking the right questions, recording the answers, and dialoguing about them with other like-minded folks around the country.

Each group can document the ways in which they are Heroes, including their weaknesses, strengths, stories, and SuperFriends, as a way to understand how to create a small-scale purpose and mission that coincides with the larger goals of the movement. We can create resource banks of information wiki-style about what’s going on, integrating maps and sale data and different groups that are doing shit – it will be a huge thing when it is realized. We can create places to record what’s gained both online and through these offline groups, and facilitate the creation of the processes that will be necessary to attain the small and larger goals of each micro- and macro- subset of the participators.

Let me know what you think. I would love to hear comments from anyone who is interested… that’s the whole point of the blog.

Much love,